Summer 2018 Brings More Positive Growth for Village Mozayik

July and August of 2018 were productive months for Village Mozayik as 2 additional homes were constructed.   We now have 20 people living at Village Mozayik.  Approximately 100 more to move.  The 13 adults work on construction, gardening and soon mango dehydrating.  All 7 children living at Village Mozayik are enrolled in school and are reporting to be doing very well. Our goal for early 2019 is to start 2 more homes.  We are hosting a small group from Milwaukee WI in November 2018 and another small group from Madison Wi and San Diego Ca in mid February 2019.  Perseverance, determination, and tenacity are three words that come to mind when I think of what it has taken to get this project to where it is today.  Things are looking up for Village Mozayik

 Our children are happy New music school at Mozayik  New home


The front of the village Mozayik 2020-21