Trips to Haiti

Learning Creole


We will be leading 2 group trips to Haiti in 2017.  Tenative Dates are February 16-24 and March 16-24

Both Trips begin in  either in Fort Lauderdale or Port Au Prince where we will meet you at the airport.

We provide transportation, lodging, translators, safety, and an amazing pilgrimage.  We will start by visiting the beginnings of Mozayik in the original block where the earthquake struck and destroyed their homes.  We then move on to Titayen where the village has lived for the past 6 years, barely sraping out a life.  From Titayen we journey to Hinche located in the Central Plateau where we will visit the new site.  We will stay there 2-3 days, work on a project with a group from Mozayik and learn about Haitian culture, history, and  learn a little Creole.  We will visit an ophanage and a cooperative living community.  As a group you  have the choice to  cook on open fires, and work and sleep along side our Haitian hosts, or if this is just not appealing to you the group can choose to stay in the city of Hinche at a local guest house where the accommodations ,while modest still offer a few of the comforts we are accustom to in the states.  Your group leaders will be:  Candice Schneider, Mona Augustin and Carla Bluntschli.  Our group will be accompanied my members of Na Sonje Foundation, a haitian organization specializing in educating visitors on Haitian history, culture, and language.  Optional activities include visiting a orphanage, a hospice home, and touring an elementary school.

Please contact Candice Schneider at [email protected] or call her 608-513-2865

Approximate cost:  $1800 US    other costs would include souvnirs and perhaps 1-2 lunches ($100 max spending money)

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