Happy New Year 2024

2023 was a particularly challenging year for all of Haiti. The country entered a phase of civil
unrest unlike anything seen before. Why is this so? Once again, history and both internal and
external forces weave their way through the tapestry. This new pressure mounts steadily, onto
people who never really recovered from an earthquake, then dealt with hurricanes and most
recently the sudden abandonment experienced due to travel restrictions and Covid. A large
percentage of foreign involvement and investment came to a screeching halt. Many projects
and partnerships were abandoned. We pray for a solution. We pray for an end to the food
shortages and violence that now afflict Haiti.

On a brighter note, Village Mozayik is still going strong! Little did we know at the time and
could never have planned it this way but, as it turns out, Village Mozayik is located at enough
of a distance from the nucleus of the violence to continue on! Work and projects within the
community have been without interruption and Mozayik residents continue to live, work and
be creative with solutions to their challenges and yet… they are affected by the food
shortages that plague the whole country. This points, once again to both the importance of
our support and to the land. Can more be grown and harvested? Is there a way to make
better use of the land? Is there some commodity or type of produce that could be grown in
enough quantity to not only feed the community but also something that could be monetized?
These questions are being explored for 2024.
We remain steadfast in our support for Mozayik.
We are proud of this community of survivors, and we celebrate the progress that residents
continue to make, especially in these challenging times.
Please keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers and we will do our best with keeping you
As always, thank you for your support!

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