What We’re About

Our Mission

Our Mission is to BUILD A VILLAGE where all who live there will have a sense of security,
access to clean water, sanitation, education, health care, healthy food and economy.
We are creating a vibrant, progressive and sustainable community in Haiti. We are starting
from the ground up so there is a place for people with interests in construction, planting trees,
permaculture recycling, education, health care, community development, water, agriculture and
that is just the beginning.


Our Philosophy

As an organization we work in partnership with Haitians and collaborate with them on all
initiatives. Our Board of directors is made up of both members from the States as well as from
Haiti. We listen to community leadership as well as to individual members and do our best to
respect and support the ideas representing their culture and heritage. When possible we use
local materials, and labor, and make every attempt to support the local economy.


Our Accomplishments

In 2015, Mozayik purchased 5 acres of land in the beautiful Central Plateau in an area called
Karastad which is located just a few miles outside the city of Hinche. This is a rural area that
offers families the opportunity to live in a safe environment, enroll their children in a school
located within a short walk. Families can plant gardens, and animals The land is very fertile
and already hosts many fruit and nut trees including mango, coconut, avocado,and almonds.
We also began construction on a 1500 square ft community center. The structure is complete
but not yet fully operational. In addition, we installed 3 pit toilets,and two shower stalls. A well
was dug a short distance away from the community center and community members can draw
potable water from this source. This past summer in June of 2017 we finished construction on a
modest home which will allow us to begin transition families to the new site. This structure will
also serve as a guest house for visitors and represents a bright future for this budding