We are a small organization but we have ACHIEVED large goals that many thought were too ambitious and unattainable. We have used the small amount of funding wisely and responsibly to purchase a piece of fertile land with trees and fresh water available. A school is with in a short walk for children and a mid size community hospital is within 5 miles. While we have accomplished so much but we are just beginning. Please see our Budget for greater detail on our projects.

The Community Center of Village Mozayik
The Community Center of Village Mozayik


Haiti Struggles after Matthew

The photo I am sharing looks almost hopeful. Asics Femme Pas Cher nike air max pas cher I want to cling on to the thought that perhaps the people of Village Mozayik are somehow ok, that somehow these tiny little plywood houses withstood the 100mph winds and heavy rains that Matthew unloaded a week ago. Goedkope Nike Air Max 2017 Dame Fjallraven Kanken Mini UK Soon the media will move on to other stories, but not much will change in Haiti. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw The poor will be left to once again rebuild what they managed to salvage of their homes after the 2010 earthquake. Fjallraven Kanken Kids UK Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen In the the first week following Matthew we have heard very little from Village of Mozayik. This is beginning to weigh heavy on my heart. nike air max schoenen nike air max 2017 femme grise Are they still clinging on the hillside at Titayen under the harsh elements? In the days following Mathew I cannot help but worry about what are they doing for shelter, were there any injuries, where is the community getting clean water? So many are giving advice on how to give, which organizations to give to and how much and what to give. Fjallraven Kanken shirt-tshirt Some have tried to get the message out that simply throwing supplies and money is not necessarily the wisest thing to do in. In spite of these well intended gestures seem to cause more trouble for everyone in the end. asics pas cher Yet saying you will keep Haiti in your prayers doesn’t seem like quite enough either. Kanken Fjallraven Soldes Asics 2017 How does one really know what to do? Even now with almost 6 years experience working Haiti with with big hearted, well intended folks it is still very difficult to give advice on the best ways to help out. nike air max 1 og femme Here is what I do know. Our Organization continues to work toward moving these 126 families to safer ground. Adidas Pas Chere air max We have purchased land, we have a small community center that is nearly complete. nike kd 9 pas cher Asics authentique nike pas cher Our next steps are: ***Delivering 130 Sawyer Portable Water Filters donated by Outreach for World Hope in Verona Wisconsin. nike blazer pas cher These will be personally delivered by Mona Augustin on October 18, 2016. nike air max schoenen nike air max 90 pas cher Our hearts are swelling with gratitude as each of these filters retails for $69.99. Do the Math, it was an incredibly generous donation. nike tn pas cher Again Thank you Kim Tews and Out Reach for World Hope. Nike Trainers UK 1.Move a caretaker/family to the new site 2.Finish the community center 3.Move the first 10 families to the new site 4. nike pas cher Work along side the first 10 and support and assist them in the building of their homes 5. Nike TN Requin 2017 solde adidas Listen, Watch, Adjust, REPEAT until all 126 families are moved 6.

Attack on Mozayik 12/10/2013

2 years after the earthquake 2010 200  families of Mozayik were evicted from the original “site” and moved out to Cannan (government appointmented land) they were surprised with a brutal attack on an early Sunday mornin in December. Here is a bit of footagae that one of the residents recorded on his cell phone just minutes after the attack. You can find the footage by going to: youtube.com.

                                                       First eviction

  Second eviction

Haitian Coffee

Sultery, mysterious Madame Bertine
Sultery, mysterious Madame Bertine
After water coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, and after oil coffee is the world’s second largest commodity. Goedkope Nike Air Max 2017 Heren As the heroine in Bach’s Coffee Contata sings: “Coffee is more delicious than a thousand kisses and sweeter than muscatel wine”. nike trainers sale air max 1 pas cher nike air max pas cher One of my favorite experiences in Haiti is roasting coffee with Bertine over the open fire. nike air max 2016 goedkoop Solde adidas superstar Spending 4 hours around a fire on a hot Haitian afternoon involves pounding the beans, story telling, laughter, singing, chanting, more pounding, and chuckling at Bertine as she sneaks a sip or two of fine Haitian Rum Barbancourt. Chaussure Asics Pas Cher nike air max 90 soldes air max pas cher Nike Air Huarache Heren nike air max 2016 goedkoop It finally ends with the long awaited cup of a strong Haitian brew sweetend with raw sugar. nike air max 2017 dames Groen kobe 11 pas cher Cheap Nike Trainers UK nike air max 2017 dames Nothing tastes better
Coffee Roasting Coffee with Bertine in Gwo Jan 2010
Coffee Roasting Coffee with Bertine in Gwo Jan 2010
Bertine is a local mid wife, bodyworker, and voodoo priestess. nike requin pas cher Nike Sko Norge New Balance Heren She is a colorful woman that lives up in the mountains above Port Au Prince. Asics Pas Cher chaussures pas cher nike 2017 asics pas cher It’s a short hike from the guest house back to her hut. air max pas cher nike pas cher Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Nike Air Huarache Heren She makes her living offering groups the experience of roasting coffee, and selling a little homemade candy on the side. Nike Air Max Goedkoop Solde adidas gazelle chaussures nike pas cher In my travels to Haiti I have gotten to know Bertine a little better and it’s not uncommon for her to show up at the nearby guest house to say hello and to see if she can get a visitor to buy her some rum.

Why Mozayik?

Why Mozayik? Believe me I get this question all the time, and before embarking on this wild and crazy ride I asked myself the same question. I’ve traveled to Haiti enough times, and have seen incomprehendable hardships, challenges and countless sad stories. The truthful answer to the question “Why Mozayik”, is MONA AUGUSTIN. nike blazer pas cher nike air max nettbutikk I had seen Mona performing with a musical group called 2Rasin (Day Razeen) which often performed for us when we would take groups to Haiti. Cheap Nike Shoes Outlet UK Everyone loved the music, and loved dancing and singing along with our Haitian hosts. Mona rarely engaged with our groups and always kind of floated in and quickly disappeared after each performance. It was undeniable that he had talent as the composer and lead of the group, but he often stayed in the background. Little did I or anyone else know what a fearless and determined leader he really was. Boutique Nike I think it was on my third trip to Haiti that we took a group out to Cannan to see the “tent camp” called MOZAYIK. asics pas cher It wasn’t until then that I begin to be intrigued with the work of this incredible man named Mona. I learned that on the day of the earthquake he was suppose to teach music to the kids at St Vicent School for the handicapped. bestellen nike air max 2016 mochilas kanken big He was a volunteer there. On that day he was too sick and stayed home, unable to do much he layed in bed most of the day. At 5pm when the 7.0 quake rocked Port Au Prince Mona’s house and neighborhood collapsed around him. He was buried in rubble and dust. Nike Air Max Femme air max pas cher Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw Everyone at St Vincents School perished. Cheap Nike Shoes Outlet UK Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Mona knows that he was spared that day to embark on a much larger mission. When Mona finally emerged from his tiny little house he walked into the streets of Port Au Prince and was met with screams for help, injured neighbors and friends looking for loved ones and a cloud of dust so thick people could hardly breath. Nike Italia He eventually found his best friend William Loussaint who was out on the street in shock but uninjured. Neighbors quickly swarmed Mona and William and begged them to help. They cried and pleaded and told Mona that because of his “international connections” he was their only hope. Asics Pas Cher In the days following Mona and William located a vaccant lot in the neigborhood and begin leading people there, where they could set up a safe place to laydown, and attend to the thousands of walking wounded. This lot had been vacant for as long as anyone could remember and it became their “tent camp”. lunette de soleil ray ban They called themselves Mozayik (mosaic) because they felt as though they were a collection of many different people making shelters out of broken pieces of rubble and tiles they found in the street. I was so moved and intrigued by this story of solidarity, strength and tenacity. It stirred something deep inside of me. air max pas cher pour femme Fastforward 2 years, the community was forced to leave the vaccant lot so that a bank could build across the street, and the Mayor of the city didn’t think it would be good for business to have customers walking by a “tent camp”. Because everyone in the community rented their houses, and didn’t own, they basically became homeless. sac a dos kanken The government appointed an area outside of Port Au Prince and it became known as Cannan, ‘The Promised Land”. Cannan has become the second largest city in all of Haiti, now filled with the countless victims of the earthquake. Here in Cannan this community of 200 or so families, many of them women and children, struggled daily to find water, they used a nearby ravine for a little privacy to conduct their “daily business”. Once again they gathered scaps of tin, metal, bedsheets, and wood to construct little shacks to get out of the oppessive sun and constant wind. new balance 996 femme soldes They stayed together, and even built a church/school so that they could gather and pray and the children would have a place to go everyday. A teaher and a pastor emerged from the community. Our 7 day trip quickly ended and we all went back to our comfy homes in the US. Cheap Nike Shoes UK At the time I was living in an affluent subburb of Madison, WI where all I had to do was turn a faucet on to get a glass of purified water. Nike Air Max Dames I had a comfortable bed, clean sheets and air-conditioning. I enjoyed everything that almost every household in the US enjoys. Nike Air Max Norge Nettbutikk But Mona’s story and the story of Mozayik touched something deep within me and I could not forget it no matter how hard I tried. I became a “seeker”, reading countless books and one in particular called “Cold Tangerines” had a line in it that stuck with me. air max pas cher The author was telling a story about her travels in a delveloping country and she said, ” once you see it, you will never be able to unsee it, and the truth it reveals to you”. This became such a powerful statement to me, and the truth was that I would never be able to “unsee Mozayik”. Fjallraven Kanken Classic No matter how hard I tried I could not forget, no matter how overwhelming it became I could not turn away. I returned to Mozayik the following year. The community entertained our group with music drama and served us a traditional Haitian meal. oakley femme pas cher In spite of their immense struggles they were sticking together. Mona and William continued to be their leaders, signing up for a life “voluntary poverty”. nike air max 2016 blauw Mona had other options. Cheap Nike shoes UK Nike Air Max 2016 Heren blauw He did not have to stay with this community and live in such misery, he put his music career on hold for nearly 5 years. He lived in a tent for 5 years, not because he had to, but because he was following the lead of his heavenly father, mother God, who he so endearingly refers to as “his parents”. This man never ceases to inspire.

My first visit to Mozayik.

What I remember most about my first visit to Mozayik in August 2011 was oppressive heat and oh yeah….needles. Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen air max 1 pas cher nike air max Mozayik’s second home was in a place called Cannan, like in the Bible. Nike Air Max 2017 Kopen fjallraven kanken mochilas Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze This modern day waste land was the site where the 300,000 dead bodies were disposed of and buried in mass graves just 1 year earlier. Fjallraven Kanken Classic The place had a hopeless heayv feeling. New Balance Baratas lunette de soleil ray ban pas cher Adidas NMD Dames It was hard for any of us to imagine life in such a place. As our group entered the new community we were greeted with smiles and open arms. Sac à Dos Kanken Fjallraven Of course visitors from the US envoke feelings of hope for something better. nike air max pas cher nike air max homme pas cher Because of the temps (100F and hotter) we were all wearing shorts, skirts and sandals. air max noir Within the first 20 minutes 2 of us had hypodermic needles impaled into our foam or rubber soled shoes. Not only was this place the dumping ground for dead bodies but it was also a medical dumping ground. Nike Dames There we stood, playing with kids that were running around barefoot, and showing us the area they had cleaned up to create a little playing field for soccer and other games. Solde yeezy boost I was in shock. Solde adidas superstar Several young boys rushed over to help me dislodge the needle from my sandal. Luckily for me it just barely penetrated my skin. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop We treated it with some alcohol and a band-aide and then about our visit. air max pas cher That afternoon we swam in the Carribean Sea with the kids. nike air max 2017 goedkoop new balance femme blanche 996 It was such a strange experience to be in such a desolate, and heavy place, and at the same time be cooling our selves in the beautiful aqua waters of the sea. cheap fjallraven kanken uk fjallraven kanken backpacks sale uk That evening the rains came but we were lead into a make shift shelter where we were served a delicious fish soup and w entertained by Mona’s music. Mochilas Kanken Infantil ray ban pas cher air max homme pas cher We sang, we danced we got drenched, and then we were escorted off to a large tent that had been made up for us…….matletts on the floor and clean crisp sheets. nike air max 2017 pas cher These community had little or nothing in terms of material wealth yet they laid out their “red carpet” for us.

News 4

The Code also established an Inter-ministerial Investment Commission (CII) to examine investor eligibility for license exemptions as well as customs and tariff advantages. Nike Air Max BW Femme Nike Air Max 2016 Schoenen Cheap Nike Shoes UK air max 1 pas cher Fjallraven Kanken Baratas The CII is composed of representatives of the Ministries of Economy and Finance, nike pas cher Nike Air Max 2017 Heren grijs nike pas cher Commerce, Nike TN Requin 2017 Fjallraven Kanken Classic Scarpe Nike Store and Tourism, Nike Air Max Dames chaussures adidas nike air max 90 pas cher Adidas Pas Cher as well as those ministries with purview over the prospective area of investment. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 mochilas kanken Nike Air Max 2016 Dames The CII must authorize all business sales, Asics Pas Cher Kanken Classic Baratas Nike air max 1 pas cher fjällräven kånken classic New Balance Heren transfers, Nike Air Max 2016 Italia Fjallraven Kanken Sale Mini Kopen Nike Air Max 2017 Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Blauw mergers,